'A' School

What is the ‘A’ School?

An ‘A’ School is a one week environment for you to encounter, experience and dwell in a revelation of the love of the Father • A place to find the “Glorious freedom of the sons of God” • A time to come home to the place that Jesus has prepared for you • Where you find you are accepted and that you belong • To discover that His strength is perfected in your weakness • And a place to find true rest.

What to expect

During the ‘A’ school you will be introduced to the perspective of the Father’s love. The ‘A’ school aims to give both a sound Biblical understanding of our Father, and an opportunity to experience personally the love that He has for you. You will be exposed to a transforming message of Love, Life and Hope.  As Father’s love works in your heart, you will discover your true identity as a true son and as a daughter.

Jesus had the heart of a son to his Father. He lived in the presence of the love of the Father.  John’s Gospel tells us that everything that He said and did was what He saw and heard His Father doing. Jesus invites us to enter that world as brothers and sisters of Him the first born. As we open our hearts Father pours His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In a heart transformed by His love, true and lasting change can occur. After years of striving and performance many are finally finding a place of rest.

Topics include

  1. Opening our hearts to Father
  2. The Biblical Revelation of God the Father
  3. Heart Forgiveness
  4. The Heart of Sonship
  5. The Orphan Spirit
  6. God our Real Father
  7. Weakness, the Power of Sonship
  8. Glorious Freedom of Sons & Daughters


An ‘A’ School runs Sunday to Saturday, with the first session starting after registration on the Sunday night, and ending with lunch together on the Saturday.  Daily schedule consists of morning, afternoon, and evening sessions with breaks for coffee, lunch and dinner. It is necessary for participants to be present for all of the sessions, as the whole week is an unfolding journey.

Dates & Location

Hua Hin ‘A’ School – 2019