Past Schools



“ฉันได้เห็นความผิดพลาดของตนเอง แต่มีบางอย่างภายในฉันบอกกว่าฉันได้พบกับพระบิดาของฉันแล้ว”

“ทุกประสบการณ์ที่ฉันได้รับมันเป็นการไขกุญแจหลายสิ่งในใจฉัน ตั้งแต่ปฐมกาลจนถึงวิวรณ์มันเกี่ยวข้องกับการกำลังเสด็จกลับมาของพระบิดา”




“I called my lawyer and cancelled my divorce proceedings, then I emailed my wife to tell her I’m ready to start again.”

“Although I’m a Dr I felt like I was not good enough, but now I’m weak, I can be a daughter.”

“Everything I received has unlocked many things in my heart, from Genesis to Revelation it’s about coming back to the Father.”

“I have found amazing love that I have never experienced before.”

“This week I have become a child again.”

“I see my own failures but something inside of me says I’ve been found by my Father.”

“Father said ‘I have not come for the leader, preacher or worship leader, I’ve come to meet my daughter!'”



God became real to me as a close loving father. God listened to me and comforted me. Before, my communication with Him would be formal and seemed far, yet I can feel the intimacy little by little. The ‘A’ school turned out to be a place where “A fragile heart can be healed.” – Jael (Myanmar)

Having a revelation of God as MY Father (like He was to Jesus) was just mind blowing and it brought me so much freedom in my life. – Kim (Norway)

Father has lead me into the deepest rest in His presence and Love. – Jenny (Korea)

I can experience peace in everything like I never could before because I really KNOW that Father loves me, and that is all that matters. I also was set free to form a new bonding with my parents who are both in their late eighties. Connie (Thailand)

I experienced that Father wants to communicate with me. – Nuan (Thailand)

What a refreshing time! I felt loved and released to enjoy life, and not just survive through life. – Maria (India)

Understanding why I’ve had a disconnect with Father God was one thing, experiencing His love for me in a new way was another. A big another! I want more.  Bill (Thailand)

I was released from an orphan heart, doubt, fear, loneliness, confusion, and emptiness during soaking session. My Dad & Mom passed away long time ago. But I decided to forgive my parents all hurts that I could remember. I forgave God and myself. It was like Father God talking to me directly “I’ll drive out fear & confusion from you”. “I’ll bring you back”. “You belong”. “I always loved you”. Then I cried and He poured His love into my heart. Khao (Thailand)